Today was a day that made me cry. I watched the Every 15 Minutes program at Ellsworth High School. I watched children who I knew "die" in an alcohol related accident. I saw their bodies placed in body bags. I saw their principal identify their bodies, and worse, I saw their parents see them, after the Ellsworth Fire Department members placed their bodies in body bags supplied by Jordan-Fernald Funeral Home and I cried.  I turned around because I was in pain, and I couldn't bear to watch it anymore. I stopped taking pictures, because I couldn't do it anymore. No parent, should ever have to bury their child.

These pictures are graphic. The staff at Ellsworth High School did a fantastic job making up Sammy Mason, Abby Lynch, Hunter Cote and Tyler Hardwick. Today, Sammy and Hunter died. There will be a funeral at Ellsworth High School tomorrow. Hannah Box was arrested, booked in at Hancock County Jail, and later sentenced to a lengthy jail sentence in front of her friends, classmates and family.

The pictures are graphic, but remember they are all pretend. The emotions on the faces of the students, the first responders and others are real. The tears I shed are real. I called my wife today and told her what happened and broke down crying.

Here's the video I took of the students watching the bodies being removed. They "got it". There wasn't a peep. No nervous laughter, no talking. Just stunned silence

Tomorrow, after the funeral, I will post the video produced by the Hancock County Technical Center Media Department.  In the meantime, here are the photos. Hug your children, hug your parents. Life is too short. Do your part to make it longer by committing to NEVER, EVER Drink and Drive!


Every 15 Minutes 2016

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