The Acting City Manager of Ellsworth, Glenn Moshier is also the Chief of Police. In his capacity as Chief of Police he sent out a letter via the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce  informing Ellsworth business owners that the police department will enforce the Governor's Mask Order.

The latest order, on Friday, December 11th requires people to wear face coverings in all indoor public spaces. The order requires that "owners and operators of all indoor public spaces – regardless of the type of entity or size – must not allow those who refuse to wear a face covering to enter or remain in their venue.

Business owners and operators must ask people not wearing masks to leave their location. People not following that request are committing the crime of "criminal trespassing".

Here is the letter from Chief Moshier

December 14, 2020
Dear Business Owner,

I wanted to reach out to all of our area business owners to let you all know that the Ellsworth Police Department stands ready to assist you with any and all issues stemming from the latest Governor's Executive Order. We encourage all area businesses to call the police if you encounter any resistance from customers who refuse to wear a mask or face shield. It is your right and obligation under the order to deny them entry or ask them to leave your property if they are not willing to comply with the mandate. Our officers have been directed to respond and speak with individuals in an attempt to educate them on the current mandate and if that fails to escort them from the property and issue a trespass warning.

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