Ellsworth High School held a school-wide assembly on Wednesday afternoon, May 29, to celebrate the Class of 2024 and their impending graduation and their future plans!

Assistant Principal Rebecca Wright Photo Chris Popper
Assistant Principal Rebecca Wright Photo Chris Popper

The assembly began with introductions and welcoming remarks from Assistant Principal Rebecca Wright and then an inspirational speech by Dr. Heidi Omlor. .

Dr. Heidi Omlor Photo Chris Popper
Dr. Heidi Omlor Photo Chris Popper

Every member of the Class of 2024 was then called up on the stage to sign the a certificate, that had their name, and plans for next year.

The Certificate read

This Certifies that ________ Makes the commitment to continuing education, training, military service or entering the workforce and in doing so takes steps to a successful and prosperous future and upholds the vision of an Ellsworth High School graduate.

The students were then given a T-shirt from their future school, military service or from workforce in Maine.

The seniors were then toasted with an ice cream party from the Darling's Ice Cream Truck and then picked up their Ellsworth High School Class of 2024 Yard Sign.

Check out the photos!

Ellsworth High School Decision Day 2024

Ellsworth High School celebrated the Class of 2024 with Decision Day on Wednesday, May 29th. The Class of 2024

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

We are waiting for a list of Seniors and their future plans and will hopefully post that on Thursday.

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