If you happen to run into any of the police officers in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor or Mount Desert you might notice that they're not their usual clean cut selves. In fact, by now, they're probably getting a little hairy! The full moon in November is November 19th, but that has nothing to do with it!

These public servants are taking part in No-Shave November, and you're invited to donate.

The Ellsworth Police Department is collecting money for local cancer organizations. Donations may be left at Ellsworth City Hall.

The Mount Desert and Bar Harbor Police Departments are collecting money for the Home Base organization. The  Home Base Organization helps Veterans and their Families to heal from the invisible wounds, such as post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

Members of the Mount Desert and Bar Harbor Police Departments have individually pledged $100 to the Home Base organization. To join their fundraiser click HERE


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