The Ellsworth and MDI Divers had a great day Saturday, in the State Diving Championships on Saturday, February 19th in South Portland

Keala, Elena and Kiera Springer Photo Ellsworth High School
Keala, Elena and Kiera Springer Photo Ellsworth High School

The Spring Sisters from Ellsworth came in 1-2 and 3 in Class B, with Kaela earning 1st place, Elena 2nd place and Kiera 3rd place.

Fioana St. Germain and Nina Rozeff from MDI came in 6th and 7th respectively.

On the boy's side, Riley Donahue from MDI finished 2nd.

All of the Ellsworrth and MDI Divers are a close knit group, training under MDI Diving Coach Chris Schleif at the Lenny DeMuro Pool at the MDI YMCA. Chris has worked with 18 divers this season, the 3 Springer Sisters from Ellsworth and 12 divers from MDI

After the Diving Portion, the Girls Class B State Totals are Ellsworth - 53 points, MDI and John Bapst - 25 points each and Cape Eliabeth - 15 points.

After the Diving Portion for the Boys Class B - Belfast has 20 points and MDI 17 points.

The Boys Class B Swimming Championship is Monday, February 21st at Cape Elizabeth and the Girls Class B Swimming Championship is Tuesday, February 22nd at Cape Elizabeth.

Beth of luck to all

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