I have Wednesday, October 24th at 5PM on my calendar, and I hope you will too! That night, the Ellsworth High School Volleyball Program will host their 1st Annual EHS Volleyball Dig Pink charity game at Katsiaficas Gymnasium in Ellsworth.

At the game, the 6 Seniors, Abby Moon, Kristen Omlor, Olivia Robidoux, Sophia Petros, Olivia Dyer and Larissa Richards will play a team comprised of coaches and alumni!

Dig Pink T-shirts will be sold at the game and all ticket sales, concessions and donations will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

As I have repeatedly said, I hate cancer. My mother has had breast cancer. I have had cancer twice. We all know someone who has had, or who is battling cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm so proud of the Ellsworth Volleyball Team for stepping up and holding this event! As young women, they have learned the importance of monthly self breast exams. The best chance for survival is early detection. All women should be performing monthly self breast exams and talking to their gynecologists/primary care doctors about mammograms.

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