Through the generous contribution of Ellsworth High School's alumni, community and work of the investment committee the Ellsworth High School Alumni Association's Scholarship Endowment Fund has steadily grown and is now over 1 million dollars!

Established in 1999 the purpose of the Fund is to generate income to allow the Alumni Association to provide scholarships to Ellsworth High School graduates and postgraduates.

Since 1999 The Ellsworth High School Alumni Association has awarded $330,000 in scholarships. It is anticipated that they will sward $30,000 in scholarships in 2024.

Thelma Beal, Class of 1967 and Vice President of the Ellsworth High School Alumni Association  said "The Investment Committee has done a dedicated, experienced collaboration with the guidance of the Camden Nation Wealth Management over the 25 years to bring this fund to this special achievement. Their work continues."

For more information about the Ellsworth High School Alumni Association's Endowment Fund or to become a member of the Alumni Association, visit their website

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