This was so cool, and I'm so happy that I was able to be part of this! The Ellsworth High School Class of 2017 participated in the 1st ever Senior Salute, getting high fives from former teachers and current elementary and middle school students as they took a walk throughout the hallways of the Ellsworth Elementary/Middle School on Wednesday June 7th.

In my opinion all schools should do this if possible! It was so neat to see the Class of 2017 proudly walking through the hallways in their caps and gowns, beaming in pride, and seeing the looks on the faces of their former teachers and the current elementary and middle school students!

And how about this? The Ellsworth High School even sent the students from Lamoine to the Lamoine School so they could walk through their old stomping grounds too! Classy!


And let's hear it for the Cave Hill Students! James Porter at Sumner, Keith Jordan, Troy Folmer and Ryan Buteau from Ellsworth High School. Thanks Brenda Jordan!

Photo Brenda Jordan
Photo Brenda Jordan

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