A vehicle driven by an 80-year-old man struck a person in a wheelchair while they were both leaving a 4th of July fireworks display. When police tried to question the driver, he attempted to drive away, with several pedestrians in front of his vehicle.

Winslow Chief of Police Shawn O'Leary said in a press release that the incident happened at approximately 9:45 Saturday night. As streams of people were leaving Fort Halifax Park after the fireworks, a vehicle driven by Daryl Pratt struck someone in a wheelchair on the Sebasticook Bridge. Officers were already on the scene and began investigating. But when they tried to make contact with Pratt, police say he became verbally confrontational. At one point, he jumped into his vehicle, put it in drive, and attempted to quickly leave, despite the fact that there were several pedestrians in front of it.

The officers tried to restrain the 80-year-old but he fought against them, assaulting the officers several times. While this struggle was going on, a bystander entered the vehicle from the rear and turned it off.
Pratt was finally physically forced out of the vehicle, placed under arrest, and taken to the police department. Later, he was transported to Inland Hospital for medical treatment due to injuries sustained in the arrest.

The pedestrian that was struck by Pratt's vehicle and the officers assaulted by Pratt did not require medical attention. Daryl Pratt is from Oakland.