How far would you go for your child? For Chris Brannigan, 1,000 miles. Barefoot.

Brannigan is a UK soldier and father of Hasti, an 8-year-old girl who dreams of being a “chef” or “dancer” when she grows up. To ensure she’s able to reach these dreams, the barefoot soldier walked 1,000 miles across the east coast of America to raise money for treatment, according to his fundraiser #HopeforHasti.

Hasti was born with a rare genetic condition referred to as CdLS with no treatment or cure. As referenced on the fundraiser's website, her father set up the charity ‘CdLS Hope for Hasti’ with a mission to fund research and gene therapy treatment and recently embarked on a 1,000 mile barefoot journey to raise money and awareness.

And this wasn’t the first time!

According to the same website, Brannigan walked 700 miles last year in the UK and raised $689,742.

He started his American trek on Aug. 31 in Bar Harbor, ME, where research is in progress at Jackson Labs. Brannigan completed his 45-day journey yesterday, Oct. 18, at the Raleigh Fire Department in North Carolina.

You can read about his journey through the fundraiser’s Facebook page and if you feel inclined to donate you can do so here.

It is a remarkable and emotional story of a father’s unequivocal and devoted love for his little girl. It is an inspiration for personal challenges, a motivation for selfless acts, and a testimony of the genuine compassion us humans hold.

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