This pensive spot reminding us about the importance of standing up for kids who've been bullied comes from an unlikely source.

Burger King -- yes, the popular fast food franchise -- has put out this viral PSA called "Bullying Jr.," in which kid actors stage a scene where they bully another child (a very likely scenario, since 30% of kids worldwide are bullied annually). Customers, unaware it's been staged, look on, with only 12% coming to the victim's defense.

What makes it even more interesting is that 95% of customers who received a beaten burger -- or bullied, as it were -- complained to employees, shining a light on how people will or will not speak up.

The ad is part of a campaign in concert with to promote National Bullying Prevention Month and proves that sometimes we need to be reminded from the strangest of sources that we all should be treated equally.

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