The Bucksport High School Class of 2017 celebrates Class Night tonight, Wednesday, June 7th and then graduates on Friday, June 9th at 6 PM. Wondering about the post secondary plans of the Class of 2017? Here they are!

Bucksport Class of 2017 Honors Parts (L-R) Arlena Tolmasoff: Valedictorian, Dylan Bunker: Salutatorian, Kristina Cloutier: 1st Honor Essayist, Taylor Megno: 2nd Honor Essayist, Photos Bucksport High School
Bucksport Class of 2017 Honors Parts (L-R) Arlena Tolmasoff: Valedictorian, Dylan Bunker: Salutatorian, Kristina Cloutier: 1st Honor Essayist, Taylor Megno: 2nd Honor Essayist Photos Bucksport High School

Andrew Allan - University of Maine -Business
Leif Alley - Undecided
Kylee Atwood -  University of Maine-Farmington -Early Childhood Education
Joshua Baker - Full Time Employment
Emma Bennett - University of Maine - Undeclared
Hailey Betts - University of South Carolina – Upstate Nursing
Tanner Bishop -  DePaul University - Computer Science
Xzavier Botta -  Full Time Employment
Broderick Boynton -  Univeristy of Maine - Construction Engineering Technology
Michael Braley - Undecided
Lucas Brann - Maine Maritime Academy - Vessel Operations Technology
Evan Brassbridge -  University of Ohio - Diesel Mechanics
Connor Bray - Eastern Maine Community College - Computer Systems Technology
Tyler Brown-Parker - Eastern Maine Community College -  Welding
Dylan Bunker - Maine Maritime Academy - Marine Engineering Technology
Alex Chaffee - Full Time Employment
Natasha Clement - University of Maine - Music
Kristina Cloutier - University of Maine Farmington - Secondary Education
Breanna Coombs - University of Maine - Accounting
Isabella Cyr -  Husson University - Undeclared
Elisha Davenport - Undecided
Naomi Day - Southern Maine Community College - Undeclared
Paige DeRoche - Beal College - Criminal Justice
Byron Dossett - University of Maine - Electrical Engineering
Solomon Drew - Full Time Employment
Zoë Erickson - Utah State University - Nursing
Virginia Erlanson - Eastern Maine Community College - Business Management
Brandyn Findlay - Maine Maritime Academy - Power Engineering Technology
Joshua Geagan - Husson University - Business
Michael Goode -  Beal College - Law Enforcement
Melanie Grant - Kennebec Valley Community College - Nursing
Mercedes Gray - University of Southern Maine - Social Work
Lauren Greenlaw - Husson University - Elementary Education
PC Greer -  United States Army
Melanie Hall - Eastern Maine Community College - Liberal Studies
Raphael Halvorsen - Undecided
Courtney Hill - University of Southern Maine -  Social Work
Tine Hjelle -  NTNU, Norway - Social Work
Zachery Holcomb - University of Maine - Engineering
Emily Hunt - Eastern Maine Community College - Liberal Studies
Mariah Jerome -  Full Time Employment
Mikayla Johnson - Full Time Employment
Brandon Kelley - University of Maine Augusta -Jazz/Contemporary Music
Aaron Kircheis - Undecided-
Zoe Landry -  Undecided
Joshua Larrabee -  Full Time Employmen
Sage Leafsong -  College of the Atlantic - Undeclared
Ethan Levesque - Full Time Employment
Richard Lugdon - Eastern Maine Community College - Fine Woodworking/Cabinet Making
Drew Malenfant - Maine Maritime Academy - Vessel Operations Technology
Ryker Mason - University of Maine - Undeclared
Benjamin McDonald - Full Time Employment
Sarah McKinley - Undecided
William Meehan, Jr. -  Undecided
Taylor Megno - Husson University - Forensic Science
James Minnick - Eastern Maine Community College - Computer System Technology
Courtney Moore - Eastern Maine Community College - Early Childhood Development
Megan Murchie - Empire Beauty School - Cosmetology
Caitlin Noonan - Freelance Artist
Joshua Ocasio -  Full Time Employment
Dustin Palmer -  Full Time Employment
Tanisha Parsons - University of Maine - Undeclared
Justice Peddle  - Undecided
Emily Poe - Undecided
Victoria Rich  - University of Maine - Pre-Med
Sean Riddle -  Undecided
Samual Rideout - United States Army
Jazmine Robbins -Empire Beauty School - Cosmetology
Madysen Robichaud - University of Southen Maine - Athletic Training
Ashlyn Royal - Maine Maritime Academy -  Marine Biology/Small Vessel Operations
Daline Saintelus - Allegheny College - International Business
Josulynn Saunders - Eastern Maine Community College - Culinary Arts
Cassandra Spinazola - Maine Maritime Academy - International Business/Logistics
Tabitha Steele - Eastern Maine Community College -Social Sciences
Lauren Stubbs -  Husson University - Nursing
Jesse Sweeny - Maine Maritime Academy - Marine Transportation Operations
Marissa Thompson - University of Maine Augusta (Bangor)- Liberal Arts
Samuel Thompson - Undecided
Arlena Tolmasoff - University of Maine - Mathematics
Alyssa Varnum - Husson University - Health Sciences
Matthew Vincent - Husson University -Journalism
Anthony Watson - United States Army
Sky West - Eastern Maine Community College - Liberal Studies
Shelby Will - Undecided
Jonathan Wright - Undecided
Eva York -  Husson University - Forensic Science

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