Do you have room in your heart and home for Bowie? Bowie is a senior boy around 8 years old, and is a domestic shorthaired solid gray cat, that has been living at the SPCA of Hancock County since November.

Photo SPCA of Hancock County
Photo SPCA of Hancock County

He was named after the famous singer David Bowie for his bowed hind legs.

He has had full old man lab work done which came back clear. The only thing setting Bowie apart from being a young spry cat is arthritis in his hind legs.

Bowie gets along with other cats after a slower introduction, but he really just cares about human interaction. Bowie used to be the first one to greet newcomers in his community room, but being here so long has made him depressed. He needs a home to call his own and a pair of hands to pet him always.

Bowie is more than ready for his forever home.

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