Do you have children or grandchildren at home this summer? Are they suffering from the "I'm boreds?" You need to send them on a Jungle Breakfast!

Jungle Breakfast is a scavenger hunt for their breakfast! We used to do it with our children when they were younger, a long time ago, as they are now 33 and almost 31! But we revived this tradition with the younger children in our neighborhood a few years ago and did it this Saturday morning.

What you need to do is plan the breakfast. Then you hide the food. In the past we have given clues and made it more elaborate. This year we just hid the food and gave them a list of the items that were hidden. We then set up card table and had breakfast outside.

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Here's what we hid.

Jungle Breakfast 2023

If the kids are bored, send them on a scavenger hunt for their breakfast!

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