The Big East Senior All-Star Game will take place this Saturday, March 4th at Hermon High School. The Girl's game will be played at 1 PM. At the conclusion of that game, the Big East Awards will be handed out. The Boy's game will follow the awards presentation.

Admission price for the games are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students and senior citizens.

Rosters for the games are below

Girls Big East Senior All Star Teams
Red Team:
Madi Higgins  30  John Bapst
Abi Simpson  40  Foxcroft
Emi Higgins  15  Hermon
Libby Cook  5  Central
Hannah Steelman  5  Orono
Courtney Gordon  21  Mattanawcook
Rylee Warman  24  Houlton
Maya Watras  3  MDI
Kendra Ewer  20  Foxcroft
Caitlyn Lyons  25  Washington Academy
Coach: Blake Smith, Foxcroft Academy
Royal Team:
Makayla Watson  41  Houlton
Skylar Vogel  44  Presque Isle
Kassidy Dill  15  Orono
Sammy Mason  20  Ellsworth
Emma Campbell  24  Central
Grace Bickford  24  Foxcroft
Madison Doucette  2  Caribou
Abbe Miller  11  MDI
Emily Lagerstrom  34  Presque Isle
Rylea Steeves  5  Washington Academy
Coach: Chris Cameron, Hermon
Boys Big East Senior All Star Teams
Red Team:
Carter Ward  30  Mattanawcook
Bradley Kinney 40 Presque Isle
Caleb Shaw 12  Central
Dylan Gray 34 Central
Nate Desisto 10 Orono
Jake Koffman 00 Orono
Riley Swanson 40 MDI
Ryan Hoogterp 21 Old Town
Sean Seavey 20 Washington Academy
Alex Mooney 24 John Bapst
Coach: Justin Norwood, MDI
Royal Team:
Cameron Graham 14 Houlton
Max Santagata 41 Foxcroft
Andrew Speed 10 Central
Ethan Mailman 40 Central
Jackson Coutts 44 Orono
Keenan Collett 50 Orono
Russell Kropff 30 MDI
Noah Tomah 50 John Bapst
Bryce Harmon 15 Ellsworth
Justin Villone 23 Washington Academy
Coach: Mark Reed, Hermon



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