Here are the sunrise and sunset times for Bar Harbor for the month of October, 2020

We don't turn the clocks back until 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 1st, so it will be likely dark when you get up in the morning, and the sunsets will gradually come earlier, until finally on Halloween, on Saturday October 31st sunset will be at 5:24 p.m.

The month is also marked with 2 full moons! The Harvest Full Moon is tonight, Thursday, October 1st and the Blue Moon will be on Halloween, Saturday, October 31st.

If you are traveling up to Cadillac Mountain to look at the Sunrise or Sunset remember there is the new reservation system in effect October 1-18

ThursdayOctober 16:306:14
FridayOctober 26:316:12
SaturdayOctober 36:326:10
SundayOctober 46:336:09
MondayOctober 56:346:07
TuesdayOctober 66:366:05
WednesdayOctober 76:376:03
ThursdayOctober 86:386:01
FridayOctober 96:396:00
SaturdayOctober 106:415:58
SundayOctober 116:425:56
MondayOctober 126:435:54
TuesdayOctober 136:445:53
WednesdayOctober 146:465:51
ThursdayOctober 156:475:49
FridayOctober 166:485:47
SaturdayOctober 176:495:46
SundayOctober 186:515:44
MondayOctober 196:525:42
TuesdayOctober 206:535:41
WednesdayOctober 216:545:39
ThursdayOctober 226:565:38
FridayOctober 236:575:36
SaturdayOctober 246:585:35
SundayOctober 257:005:33
MondayOctober 267:015:31
TuesdayOctober 277:025:30
WednesdayOctober 287:045:28
ThursdayOctober 297:055:27
FridayOctober 307:065:26
SaturdayOctober 317:085:24

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