Record a Message on the WDEA 'Holiday Hotline'
We know that with COVID-19 many children aren't going to be able to visit Santa in person, and holiday get togethers are going to be limited! That's why we want you to to record a message and upload it on the WDEA Holiday Hotline using our APP!
Surry Elementary Postcard Challenge
Can you please share this with your friends across the USA? Mrs. Osgood's 2nd Grade Class at the Surry Elementary School is trying to collect a postcard from every State in the USA as part of their Geography lessons. Here's the address and more info
A Open Letter To Those Thinking of Committing Suicide
September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. 2020 has been a tough, tough, tough year. Actually it's probably one of the toughest in a long, long, long time. The quarantining, the sense of isolation, the hatred on social media have all combined to cause some people to consider that suicide i…

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