At the Tuesday, April 4th the Bar Harbor Town Council voted 4-2 to recommend that the Bar Harbor voters approve the bond for the new school, to replace the Conners-Emerson School.

The vote was to recommend that voters

Approve the construction and equipment of a new elementary school to replace the existing Conners Emerson school buildings (the “Project”); 2. Authorize the Town Council, acting pursuant to the provisions of 30-A M.R.S.A. Section 5772, to provide by Order for the issuance of general obligation securities of the Town of Bar Harbor (with or without call provisions and with or without premium, and including temporary notes in anticipation of the sale thereof) in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $58,538,288 (the “Bonds”);

Voting in favor were : - Councilors Cough, Peacock, Hochman and Friedman. Councilors voting no were Councilors Minutolo and Stivers. Councilor Jill Goldthwait was an excused absence from the meeting.

The Warrant Committee will weigh in on this on Thursday, April 6th.

There will be a public hearing in the Council Chambers, third floor of the Bar Harbor Municipal Building on Tuesday,  May 16th at 6 p.m.

Voters will then have the final say in the secret ballot at  the Annual Town Meeting on  on Tuesday, June 13th.

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