Photo, Area of Moncton being searched, RCMP via Facebook

The man who is suspected of shooting and killing three Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers and wounding two others is in police custody. Justin Bourque was captured just after Midnight Friday.

CBC News reports that Bourque was apprehended in resident Michelle Thibodeau's backyard, in a portion of Moncton, New Brunswick that had been locked down. Bourque was seen several times in the area during Thursday's manhunt but, up until 12:10 last night, police had not been able to stop him.

RCMP issued a tweet on Twitter early this morning that read "Justin Bourque arrested by RCMP at 12:10 in Moncton. He's in police custody. Residents of north Moncton can now leave their homes."

Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been searching for the 24-year-old since Wednesday night, when three RCMP officers were shot and killed, and two others were injured. Thursday morning, RCMP tweeted an image of Bourque who was wearing camouflage and carrying a rifle.

CBC News reports that the violence started with that image. At around 7:30 Wednesday evening, police responded to a report of a man walking down the road, carrying what appeared to be a rifle. When they arrived, Bourque allegedly opened fire. Backup was called in and the manhunt was on.

Thibodeau told CBC News that she saw police head into a patch of trees at around midnight Friday and then heard several minutes of screaming, followed by Bourque walking out into the open. She said he was dripping wet, had his hands in the air, and said "I'm done."