Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's crazy looking back on the last year, when Maine shut down to now. But finally, Maine is beginning to show signs of rebounding, and COVID is loosening its hold on the State!

Today is St. Patrick's Day! A year ago, restaurants were closed. Today, some are serving green beer, corned beef and cabbage and other Irish specials! There's no green pancakes and bacon for us tonight. We're having corned beef and cabbage.

Photo Chris Popper

The corned beef, carrots, onions and potatoes are in the crock pot cooking. The cabbage will go in closer to when we eat dinner. I forgot to buy the turnip and squash, but we will survive.

Photo Chris Popper

Are you having corned beef and cabbage today? We were hearing reports that a lot of the local supermarkets had sold out of corned beef, so it's looking like a lot of Mainers are eating a traditional corned beef dinner. Take the poll and let us know!

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