AOS 91 Superintendent Mike Zboray sent out the following email on Friday, May 6th, letting students, staff and the MDI Community that masks will be required for anyone inside any MDI Regional School Monday May 9th through Friday May 13th.

This change was due to the fact that Hancock County had been designated as "High" level of community transmission. Hancock County is 1 of 8 counties being designated "High". 7 counties in Maine are designated as "Moderate" and 1 county has been designated "Low"

Superintendent Zboray did say they will reevaluate this decision next Friday, May 13th when the community transmission level is reevaluated.

Here is the letter

Dear MDIRSS Community
One of the biggest drivers of our decision-making throughout this pandemic has been the fact that we wanted to have students in school for in-person learning. With that, we have worked hard to manage our COVID protocols to balance safety, and a return to "normalcy."

Today, Friday, May 6th, Hancock County's community transmission level went to "High." Our stance on masking since the decision to go optional has stated that "If data indicates that more restrictive measures should be considered, masking may once again be mandated in schools." With the designation of our county as Red and based on CDC recommendations, all MDIRSS schools will require students and staff to wear masks while indoors for the week of May 9th to the 13th. We will reevaluate on Friday, May 13th once the County's status is updated. It is my hope that this simple measure will help us keep our students and staff safe and schools open.

I ask that everyone be respectful of this decision and recognize that this step can help maintain in-person learning and prevent a school from having to go remote as has been the recent experience of a school in our county.

As superintendent, I do not take this decision lightly and do so in support of in-person learning.
Respectfully -
Mike Zboray, Superintendent of Schools MDIRSS/AOS#91

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