The AOS 91 School Board voted Monday night, August 10th to move the start day for students from September 1st to 8th and to begin with remote learning exclusively, through September 25th, with the situation to be re-evaluated at the September 21st board meeting.

This recommendation was made by Dr. Gousse, the Superintendent of AOS 91.

Highlights of the meeting include

  • Staff will work from the buildings during remote learning
  • Building groups will be working on checklists and insuring all systems are checked
  • The extra time will be used for training and insuring that all personal protection equipment is in place.
  • Remote learning will look radically different than in March. There will be consistency, more time. Minimum of 4 - 60 minutes periods. Grading will be letters, not pass/fail. Remote time will also be used for preparing students for return to school, with what they can expect.
  • AOS 91 will work community partners to support parents who need to work and can't stay home with their children.
  • Food service will be at a minimum to the same levels in the Spring, whether through drop off or pick up. More information to be forthcoming
  • Schools will be treated individually rather than as a group, ie. one school may be ready for in-person learning before another.

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