If you grew up in Maine, you probably have read "Lost On A Mountain In Maine" and may have even met the author Donn Fendler.

Fendler passed away in 2016  at the age of 90. Fendler became famous when he was lost on Mount Katahdin on July 17, 1939 for 9 days without food or drink and warm clothing.  His disappearance caused a massive manhunt and he finally reappeared near Stacyville after following a stream and telephone line out of the woods.

He reappeared nearly 35 miles from where he was lost, dehydrated, bug bitten and 16 pounds lighter.

President Franklin Roosevelt presented him with the Army and Navy Legion of Valor's annual medal for outstanding youth hero of 1939. He was honored with a parade and Life Magazine wrote an article about him.

On July 25, 2014, the 75th anniversary of the day Fendler was finally found, Maine Governor Paul  LePage declared the day, “Donn Fendler Day


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