Remember telling your children... "In my day we used to walk to school in 3 feet of snow and we had to go uphill both ways! What do you mean that school is cancelled?" Given that the school's have all switched to remote learning during this time of the COVID-19 crisis, how hard will it be for the school's to have a Snow Day Lesson Plan in place for snow days?

If so, it will be kind of sad. I think most students and teachers look forward with anticipation to a snow day! It's kind of like an unexpected Christmas gift! Nowadays everyone gets a robocall or text for cancellations, but "back in the day" there was nothing like anxiously waiting to hear your school cancelled on the radio, or seeing the name of your school on TV. And then you would have to double-check and make sure your school name was really there!

You could always tell a new radio announcer or someone from "away" when they would butcher the names of the schools. And oh my, when we used to read them on the radio, the list would be 5-8 minutes to get through everyone.

As my friend Joy O'Shaughnessy said "Our kids will be ones telling their grandkids, “In my day we got to stay home and play when the weather was bad.”" and if that's true, it's kind of sad

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