What started off in the early dawn at 4:30 AM ended at 6:51 PM, on Saturday, July 22nd as Acadian Youth Sports Board Members Wyman Tapley and Jon Nicholson joined Kebo Valley Golf Club staff Peiter DeVos and Eric Morris to play 100 holes of golf at Kebo Valley Golf Club in Bar Harbor, walking EVERY hole and hit EVERY shot, from start to finish! It was all a fundraiser for Acadia Youth Sports as they played to raise  money for a driving a chipping practice area for Acadian Youth Sports members at Kebo. The 10 Bay practice range is estimated to cost $45,000.

To give you a idea of how fast they played, the 100 holes, the equivalent to a little over 5 1/2 rounds,  was played in just under 14 1/2 hours, and that included about a hour break for lunch and showering. The last 10 holes was played in a hour, which is what it took me to drive from Kebo Valley Golf Club back to Bangor. There's a sign at the beginning of Kebo that says the course, 18 holes, should be played in 4 hours and 15 minutes!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

They did have caddies who drove the course, marking balls, giving yardage, and handing clubs to the players

There's still time for you to participate in the fundraiser. You can send your donations  to Acadian Youth Sports, PO Box 656, Bar Harbor Maine, 04609 or by contacting  Peiter Devos at Kebo Valley Golf Course.

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