We've all done one or more of these, and we've all regretted it.

We know. It was almost 60 degrees in Bangor on Wednesday. We're in the clear, right?

Well, maybe. But as any Mainer can tell you, maybe not. Do you remember when it snowed in April last year?

Here are a few things Mainers tend to do when a warm, early March day gets us anxious for spring weather.

  • 1

    Put out the deck furniture

    We've already done this. We don't care. We're going to sit on that porch swing come rain, sleet or snow. We can at least pretend it's spring. This goes for the grill, too, for those of us who put it away in the winter. Steaks in the snow taste better, anyways.

  • 2

    Switch the snow blower for the lawn mower

    This seems like a good idea. You won't need that snow blower again, so might as well tuck it away in the back of the shed and bring out the lawn mower that's been sitting idle all winter. It's a good idea until you're shoveling your driveway when that unexpected late-March snow storm comes rolling in.

  • 3

    Bring out the basketball hoop

    The college tournament is just gearing up. Time to shoot some hoops right? Just take the tarp off that baby and wheel it out in front of the garage. That way you can block your garage doors so your car sits outside getting covered by a sheet of ice we didn't expect. And you already put away your ice scraper. (See No. 4)

  • 4

    Take off the snow tires

    You have to have the studs off by May anyways. What's the point of waiting to make the switch? The answer will come as you fishtail down the street on your way to work some morning. This category also includes putting your ice scraper in the trunk or the garage.

  • 5

    Take off the storm windows

    It's nice to air out the house when the temperature rises. Now for those of you with fancy vinyl windows, you don't really have to think to much about it. You can just put them up and down as you please. But for those of us with storm windows, we have to make a commitment. And, Damn it. We're betting on spring. We even thought we saw a robin.

    Christopher Furlong, Getty Images
  • 6

    Take out the bike

    Whether it be a mountain bike, a scooter or a motorcycle, we can't wait to feel the wind on our face as we cruise down the street. Then, of course, we park the bike in the garage when when we're done. Don't worry. You won't be able to put your car in there any more anyways. The basketball hoop is in the way. (See No. 3)

  • 7

    Take the flannel sheets off the bed

    You were a little too warm last night. You even cracked the window and put on the fan. Therefore, this must be the weekend to make the big switch. So long flannel sheets. While you're at it, unplug that electric blanket and put it in the closet. Let us know how it works out for you.

  • 8

    Swap long johns for shorts

    Time to trade those wool socks and boots for shorts and flip-flops. We want summer to come soon, so we're going let Mother Nature see our bare legs just to reminder not to forget about us. It works every time.

    Spencer Platt, Getty Images
  • 9

    Get haircut/shave beard

    That beard that's been keeping your face warm all winter? Heck, no. You're ready for the beach! Plus, the wife and kids say it's time the beard went away. They're just jealous.

  • 10

    Think that this is the year spring really will come early

    Every year, we convince ourselves that the groundhog was either spot on or doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. The good thing is, if we regret our decisions to jump the gun on spring, it usually lasts for just a couple of weeks! Spring is coming early, though. This is the year. We're sure of it.

    Darren Hauck, Getty Images