The MDI Trojans fell to the Winslow Black Raiders 21-0 in the Class C Semifinals on Saturday afternoon, ending their terrific season.  The Trojans end up 7-3, and Winslow will now travel to Old Town on Friday, November 13th to determine who will be the Class C North champs.

MDI ended up with 3 interceptions, as Isaiah Keene had 2 interceptions and Jakob Gregory had an interception. The Trojans also recovered 2 fumbles, one each by Max DeKoning and Evan Jeannotte. Despite the 5 takeaways, the Winslow defense was rock solid, limiting MDI to 106 rushing yards and 41 yards passing, and kept the Trojans out of the end zone all afternoon.

Winslow won the coin toss, and decided to receive. They started their drive on their own 23 yard line, and 8 plays later (7 run, 1 pass) MDI's defense forced a turnover on downs, and the Trojans took over at their own 40 yards line.

MDI went 3 and out, and had to punt, and Winslow took over on their own 33 yard line with 5:51 left in the 1st Quarter. 4 plays later, Kenny Rickard rumbled in from 15 yards out for a touchdown, a drive that took 1:50. Ryan Gagnon kicked the extra point, and the Black Raiders were up 7-0.

MDI took the kickoff at their own 25 yard line, and went 3 and out again. Isaiah Keene punted the ball and Winslow fumbled the return, with Max DeKoning recovering the ball at the Winslow 45 yard line with 3:02 remaining in the 1st Quarter. The Trojans ran 6 plays, eating up 2:11 on the clock, but Winslow's defense stiffened, and MDI turned over the ball on downs, with 51.7 seconds left in the 1st Quarter

Winslow went the length of the field, in a 10 play drive that lasted 3:08, as they went no-huddle the entire drive. After 9 straight rushing plays, Jacob Trask connected with Nate Gagnon for a 32 yard touchdown pass. Ryan Gagnon's point after attempt was good, and with 9:13 remaining int he 1st Half, Winslow was up 14-0.

MDI then took the ensuing kickoff back to their own 26 yard line. They were abole to move the ball down to the Winslow 25 yard line, on a 12 play drive, 11 of them rushing plays. But, as was the case all afternoon Winslow's defense bent, but never broke, and Winslow took over the ball on downs at their own 25 yard line with 3:59 remaining in the 1st Half.

2 plays later, MDI intercepted Jakob Trask, when Jakob Gregory picked off a pass up the middle. The Trojans had the ball at the Winslow 27 yard line with 3:19 remaining in the 1st Half. Again, Winslow's defense stiffened, and the Trojans turned the ball over on downs, with the Black Raiders taking over on their own 24 yard line with 1:58 left.

The Black Raiders moved the ball up the field, with a 8 play drive, but MDI's Isaiah Keene intercepted Trask's pass on the 3 yard line with 11.7 seconds left in the 1st Half.

The 1st Half ended with Winslow up 14-0.

MDI received the ball to start the 2nd Half, taking over on their own 26 yard line. They were able to move the ball up the field, on a 10 play drive, that ate up 4:59 of the 3rd Quarter, before they turned over the ball on downs.

Winslow took over on their own 14 yard line, and took a page out of the MDI playbook, pounding the ball on the ground, and eating up the clock. They ran 17 plays, and scored on a 1 yard plunge by Kenny Rickard. The drive took 9:06. Gagnon's extra point was good and Winslow led 21-0.

MDI took over with 9:48 remaining in the game, on their own 27 yard line, and were forced to punt after 6 plays.

MDI would get the ball twice more in the 4th quarter, thanks to Isaiah Keene's 2nd interception of the game, and Evan Jeannotte's fumble recovery, but Winslow's defense proved too tough Saturday afternoon.

MDI Stats
Croix Albee - 13 carries 51 yards
Taqner Bickford - 13 carries 32 yards
Colby Lee - 7 carries 23 yards


Andrew Phelps 6-17 41 yards 1 interception


Graham Good - 2 receptions 28 yards
Drew Rich - 2 receptions 9 yards
Billy Kerley - 1 reception 6 yards
Colby Lee - 1 reception -2 yards

Winslow Stats
Nate St. Amand - 21 carries 147 yards
Kenny Rickard - 16 carries 74 yards
Jacob Trask - 8 carries 68 yards
Trenton Bouchard - 2 carries 2 yards

Jacob Trask - 5-9 68 yards 3 Interceptions 1 Touchdown

Dylan Hutchinson - 2 receptions 18 yards
Nate Gagnon - 1 reception 32 yards
Kenny Rickard - 1 reception 11 yards
Nate St. Amand - 1 reception 6 yards.