It was 3 years ago today, September 25, 2010 that we got Bob! Bob is a mixed breed Australian Shepherd that was in a kill shelter in Georgia. We had lost our beloved Katie earlier that year, and our house seemed quiet with only Wishbone in it. I was looking through Petfinder, and saw this beautiful, malnourished dog, and I thought he would make a perfect addition to our family!

Bob had certainly been mistreated. He had been hit by a car, had been forced to live outside for a year, and had heartworm. We didn't know if he was going to be well enough to travel north, but I kept telling the nice people at Star Bright Animal Rescue just get him up here and I'll take it from there. He went through some pretty rigorous treatments for heartworm, and finally was well enough to come up to Maine!

I met Bob in Scarborough, and had brought a crate for him to ride home in, but changed my mind. I figured he could sit in the front, and if necessary, I'd pull over and put him in the crate. I fed him a piece of turkey in the WalMart parking lot and he climbed into the front seat. I rubbed him the entire way home, and the only time he put his head up and stirred was when I stopped the rubbing.

I remember we met my wife and Wishbone at the park that night, and it was like Bob and Wishbone were old friends. And that's the wierd thing. It was as if Bob belonged at our house. My wife Bonnie asked where was Bob going to sleep that night, and I said he and Wish were getting along so well, let's just have him sleep in our bedroom. Three years later, he's still there, except now he's moved from the floor to the bed!

Bob's 1st night at our house

That Tuesday, Bob came down to the Island and met everyone, and Wednesday he was home alone during the day. When I came home that night, he was velcro dog. When I went to bed that night, Bob was standing by the side of the bed, and I said ok, jump up. Well, he couldn't, or so I thought, and I lifted him up onto the bed. When my wife came home, she was a little upset, asking if she needed to move into Craig's room (who was away at college). I said, no there was plenty of room, and I slept with one leg out of the bed so  we all had room. The next night, Bob jumped up on the bed, (Well played Bob, well played), and he's been asleep on the bed for the last three years. We still fight to get room, and I'm still the short man with the room!

It's as if Katie is part of Bob. Bob sleeps where Katie slept, lies down where Katie lay down, and his mannerisms are very much hers. If you're a dog lover, you'll understand when I say, it's as if Katie is still with us.

Bob gave me a cling magnet to put on my car a couple of Christmases ago. It's a dog paw, and it says Who Rescued Who? I'm still trying to figure it out, but am enjoying everyday that we have had Bob for the past three years, and something tells me Bob likes living with us! Happy Gotcha Day Bob!