A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer [VIDEO]
I have a confession, I sleep with our dogs. Ever since we convinced Elmer that it was ok to come upstairs, on August 25th, he has slept in our bed. That says something, cosleeping with a Great Dane. And more times than not, his sister Wilma sleeps with us, at least part of the night. My wife and I a…
Playing Hide and Seek with the Dogs [VIDEO]
I am so going to have to try and play Hide and Seek with the Great Danes in my house! I can just imagine Elmer jumping up and putting his paws on my shoulders looking at me once he finds me and looking me in the eyes and asking "Why are you hiding from me? You know I'm supposed to be joine…
Found Dogs in Branch Lake Reserve
I hope this is just a simple fact that the dogs had run off and not that they were abandoned! Luckily these two dogs were found in the Branch Lake Public Reserve on Sunday afternoon, February 4th. According to the snowshoers who found they, there were no human footprints 1/2 mile past where they we…
Lost Dog in Ellsworth
This is Chloe. She is a 2 year old, 50 pound tan and white Catahoula and she has been missing from her family in Ellsworth since Sunday, January 14th when she ran off from Branch Lake.
Lost Dog Blue Hill
Shelby Is Missing From Blue Hill Since Friday Afternoon. Please Be on the Lookout For Her. This Weather Is No Place for a Dog to Be Loose In and Scared!

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