As anyone who has read these blog posts over the last 4 years knows, I hate cancer. As a two time cancer survivor I have seen personally what cancer does, and I’m a lucky one, I  am a survivor. Our area of Maine is worse than a cancer cluster, it’s been described as a cancer epidemic by doctors.

That’s why events like the 15th Annual Carol Dyer Memorial are so important. This year, it will be held Saturday, August 6th at the Bar Harbor Village Green. If the 2016 event is like last years, it will be a powerful event. Click HERE to see pictures from the 13th Annual Carol Dyer Memorial.

Luminarias may be ordered ahead of time and online. To do so click HERE. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Please contact Kate Jordan at 207-288-9680 or Gail Leiser at 207-288-9083 for more information. You can also visit their Facebook page HERE.

Mark your calendars! I hope to see you there!