There may not be an official town-sanctioned event happening in Winter Harbor this August, but a lot of the fun is going to happen anyway.

A couple of days ago Town Council members in Winter Harbor voted to cancel the annual Winter Harbor Lobster Festival for 2021, because of the nasty COVID-19 pandemic.  Officials expressed legitimate concerns as to how to keep people safe during a substantially large food event, parade and craft fair, something that any town the size of Winter Harbor would find daunting in this day and age.

So just like last year, the Winter Harbor Lobster Festival that was scheduled for Saturday, August 21st, has been cancelled.

BUT, some of the Festivals most exciting parts will continue on, the fireworks and the lobster boat races.

While the fireworks, lobster boat races, and a neighborhood craft fair may not be an official town sanctioned event, council members gave their blessings to the independent endeavors of all three segments.

The Chamber of Commerce will work on some sort of a craft fair where vendors will set up on neighborhood lawns close to the big events, and Christopher Byers will stage both the lobster boat races and the fireworks, according to the Ellsworth American.

So there you go, one event in Hancock County will continue on, for the most part.  Now, what about one of the other big events?  The Blue Hill Fair.

Back in February of this year Blue Hill Fair organizers posted on Facebook that they were cautiously optimistic" that the 2021 event would happen in early September.  Here's hoping!

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