The MDI Boy's Basketball Team experienced their 1st loss of the season last night, Friday January 27th in Presque Isle, losing to the Wildcats 60-53. I will tell you in the eyes of the Presque Isle custodians, the MDI Boys were the winners and in a big way!

After the Trojans lost, and while waiting to eat at Presque Isle, members of the Varsity and JV Team helped clean up the gym. They helped pick up empty bottles, and trash. The custodians came up to Coach Norwood and Umphrey and commented that they had never had members of a team do that! They said that they had been instructed well!

Coach Norwood replied that no one told them to do this, they just did it on their own. They're those kind of boys. As we know, the MDI Boys have done this all season, but they've done it while winning. Coach Norwood commented to me that he was curious to see if they would do it after experiencing a loss. We know the answer!

I have said it before, and it's worth repeating. The MDI Community should be enormously proud of this team. I share this with you because you should know about the good deeds they are doing! It's so easy to talk about and point out the wrong things that our youth do, Be proud... Be very proud.

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