Research is my middle name so, when I didn't get the Presidential Alert, I started digging for information.

It seemed like such a random thing, to not be included. I mean, my husband and I both have Straight Talk phones (although not the same model), and he received the message while I did not. But, it turns out, there just might be a valid explanation.

WBZ in Boston contacted FEMA with the question of why some got the message while others did not. A spokesperson told them that, overall, the nationwide alert message was a success. But some people didn't receive it for a a variety of reasons.

  • If your phone was off or on 'Do Not Disturb'
  • If your phone was not near a cell tower
  • If you were on a call or had an active data session open on your phone
  • If your phone is not WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) compatible

FEMA is hoping to get feedback from people who didn't receive the message, so they can analyze any and all issues with this first test. Feedback can be sent to Some of the information you'll want to include in the email includes the make and model of your phone, your wireless service provider, the location of your phone at 2:18 p.m. on 10/3, and if others at the same location received the text message.

When the message went out, I had just finished a text exchange with my son, and hadn't closed the session. I guess that's why it didn't work on my phone. I hope this provided some answers for you, as well.

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