I would honestly love your opinion on this! I had the strangest experience happen to me this afternoon as I drove to Belfast on Route 1A. I was being followed by an unmarked sheriff's car. I knew it was a sheriff's vehicle by the plate that I could see in my rear view mirror.

The entire way from Winterport until the cruiser passed me in Stockton Springs, which is 11 miles, 15 minutes, they had their emergency flashers (hazard lights) on. There was no attempt to pass me, they did not have their blue lights on. So I just kept on driving. There was another car in front of me. Finally the unmarked cruiser passed me in Stockton Springs.

At that point I called the Penobscot County Dispatcher and gave them the plate number. I wanted to make sure that the Deputy was in fact driving the unmarked cruiser, and that everything was ok. I also asked the dispatcher if perhaps the Deputy was unaware that their hazard lights were blinking. They connected me to a supervisor, and I relayed my story again. She asked me if I was sure it was a Penobscot County car, and then that had me thinking, because it perhaps it could have been a Waldo County deputy. She said she would look into it, and would call me back.

About 10 minutes later the supervisor called me back and said it was in fact a Penobscot County Deputy, and they were on official business. I then asked should I have pulled over and let the Deputy pass me? She said I should have. I would have immediately pulled over had the blue lights been on...But hazard lights? There were opportunities for the Deputy to pass had he wanted. When I relayed that to the Supervisor she said maybe he wasn't comfortable passing there.

So what would you have done?

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