The Waterville Police Department has released details of their investigation into new allegations against Waterville Senior High School Principal Don Reiter.

Reiter is accused of asking a student for sex and has been on paid administrative leave since September 1.

Police Chief Joseph Massey now says some former students contacted his department and said Reiter exhibited similar behavior when he worked in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.

A press release issued by the department on Monday included the following timeline:

On November 12, 2015, Waterville Detective Sgt. Bill Bonney was attending a conference on human trafficking in southern Maine and was approached by a former student of Mascenic Regional High School in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, who told him that Don Reiter had engaged in inappropriate behavior with some of her friends.

11/12/15 - Chief Joseph Massey authorized Sgt. Bonney to conduct an investigation into the new information to determine if it was credible.

11/12/15 - Det. Sgt. Bonney was contacted by two former students of Mascenic Regional High School, who alleged or was familiar with inappropriate behavior by Donald Reiter, including conduct that was substantially similar to what was alleged by the Waterville victim.

11/12/15 - Det. Sgt. Bonney spoke with a student who alleges that she had an inappropriate relationship with Donald Reiter and that student’s mother later called to confirm the relationship based on letters written to the then 17-year-old female student.

11/13/15 - Det.Sgt. Bonney travelled to New Ipswich New Hampshire to further the investigation, which has now been re-opened due to new information.