Okay I admit it, sometimes when I hear a great song I'm overcome with emotion and have been known to shed a tear. So I can totally relate to Baby June. Portland recording artist Anna Lombard has a super precious video of her daughter, June on Facebook and I really think you need to see it.Little June is enjoying a snack time with some crackers and a juice box. She asks to watch "Song for Haisel" on YouTube. It was part of a compilation of parent songwriters and put onto a CD called "To the Moon, To the Stars" with proceeds going towards the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Every time June watches the video of Mommy singing about her sister, she gets wicked emotional. She's not quite sure how to feel about hearing Mommy's beautiful voice accompanied by a montage of big sis's baby pix. And don't worry about dropping a cracker on the floor. The dog will get it.

Here's the video that gives baby June a rollercoaster of emotions.

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