It was a huge murder case in 1991, when 16-year-old William 'Billy' Flynn was tried for the shooting death of Gregg Smart in New Hampshire. Flynn claimed that he killed the husband of his 22-year-old lover/teacher because she'd asked him to do it. Flynn is being released from a Maine prison today.

Prosecutors said that Smart planned the murder by seducing Flynn and preying on his youth and innocence. They said she told Flynn that she needed her husband dead because he'd take everything if she divorced him. Smart admitted to police that she seduced Flynn but denied convincing him to kill her husband.

So on May 1, 1990, Billy Flynn and Patrick "Pete'  Randall entered Smart's apartment. Randall restrained Gregg Smart and Billy Flynn shot him. They ransacked the apartment to make it appear to have been a robbery and fled. Two other teenagers, who were waiting outside, drove away with them.

The two other teens were given prison sentences and have been released. Pamela Smart is serving life, without the chance for parole. Pete Randall has been serving his sentence in a New Hampshire prison and is being released on parole today.

As for Billy Flynn, he's been held in a Maine prison and is now 41-years-old, a college graduate, and married. He gets out on parole today and plans to settle down here in Maine with his wife.