Voters in the Town of Tremont went to the polls on Monday, May 8th and cast their ballots for 2 Selectman and to decide whether the Selectmen should negotiate a contract with the Town of Southwest Harbor for a 3 year period for law enforcement beginning January 1, 2018. Here are the results...

Selectmen - Top 2 elected
McKenzie Jewett 199
Howard Goodwin 153
Scott Grierson 123

The complete wording for the Law Enforcement Question was
Town of Tremont Website
Town of Tremont Website

Voters voted to authorize the Selectmen to negotiate and enter the contract by a vote of 181-89. Currently the Hancock County Sheriff's Department provides these services.

Voters also elected the following (these positions were uncontested)

School Committee 3 year Term - Amy Rich

School Committee 1 Year Term - Jennifer Horner

School Trustee - 3 Year Term - David Campbell

School Trustee - 2 Year Term - Amy Harper

School Trustee - 1 Year Term - Keri Hayes

Residents will head to the Town Meeting tonight, May 9th

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