In an effort to help foster the development of diverse and affordable housing options for workers in the community, the Town of Bar Harbor wants to hear from the community. It specifically wants to hear from area residents who work, or would like to work, in Bar Harbor but for whom availability and affordability presents a challenge. Data is needed to help drive future decision-making.

To get this information, the town is launching two separate surveys. The Housing Survey for Area Workers is designed for people working in the region, not just in Bar Harbor. It seeks to understand the housing preferences people have, and the choices they make. If they were able to live and work in Bar Harbor, would they choose to do so and under what conditions?

This survey will provide the town with information on the potential housing demand from an employment standpoint, and help to identify barriers different employees and their households face from a housing perspective. The area has been defined loosely because many people travel well beyond 30 minutes to work in Bar Harbor. Therefore, everyone who would like to voice their opinion is welcome to complete the approximately 5-minute survey. Workers living in Hancock and western Washington counties are especially encouraged to do so.

The Housing Survey for Employers is specifically designed for Bar Harbor-based employers and seeks to get information on employment, employment by type (year-round vs. seasonal), salary range, current housing portfolio, estimates of housing needs and more.

The information gathered from these community surveys will help the town better understand how well the local housing stock meets the demand of current and future residents in terms of housing quality and suitability. The results of the survey will provide guidance on how much housing needs to be developed now and in the future, and what forms it should take.

These surveys represent a continuation of recent and ongoing efforts by the town to address the issue of housing, starting with the Town Council's adoption of a 10-point Housing Policy Framework in 2019. Since then efforts have also included the development of Land Use Ordinance amendments ranging from new options for on-site employee housing to streamlining the review process for smaller-scale multi-family housing, amendments which have subsequently been approved by town voters.

The deadline for filling out the surveys is Friday, November 11. The surveys can be completed online or by filling out a paper copy. To complete either survey online, go to and choose the appropriate survey. To get a paper copy of either survey, call (207) 288-3329, email or stop by the Municipal Building (93 Cottage Street in Bar Harbor) and pick up a copy from the table in the main hallway. Paper copies can be returned by mail or in person at that address (there is a large drop box on the table in the hallway). For more information, contact Planning Director Michele Gagnon by calling (207) 288-1789 or emailing

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