The 16th Annual Ton of Pasta Food Drive is this Saturday, February 10th. DJ Fred and I will be standing outside the Ellsworth Hannaford from 10AM to 2PM, collecting pasta, and sauce with all the pasta going to the Emmaus Shelter in Ellsworth, Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry and Bar Harbor Food Pantry.

Last year we collected over a ton in Ellsworth alone! This year, we hope to do as well, because there are a lot of hungry people in our community have to make the choice between heat, medicine and food.

If you are coming tot he Ellsworth-MDI Basketball games on Thursday at Bar Harbor I would encourage you to bring some pasta! We will have a box by the entrance door for any contributions. you can also drop off cash and that will be given to the pantries so they can purchase pasta!

Our friends at the Southwest Foodmart in Southwest Harbor have been hard at work collecting pasta!

Robin Nason and Chris Popper
Robin Nason and Chris Popper

And I know there's a contribution coming from the Pemetic School!

Last year we collected the most, of the 4 radio stations thanks to your generosity and it drove Kid from Z107.3 crazy! If you listen to the Morning Show on Z107.3 with Kid and Sarah you know they like to make fun of me a lot! This is the best revenge! Collecting the most pasta and feeding the most... But we need your help!

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