The Domestic, Exotic and Wild Animal Kingdom & Sanctuary in Mount Vernon has three new residents! Tiger Triplets!  And, they're the first tiger triplets ever born in Maine.

The three tiger cubs were born on the 42 acre farm on June 8th and aren't they cute!

D.E.W. Animal Kingdom Facebook photo

The cubs mother is Makeena, a white and brown striped Bengal tiger with blue eyes.  The cubs father is Tritan, who has golden eyes and weighs about 500 pounds.

D.E.W. Animal Kingdom Facebook photo

The cubs won't be here long before they are sent to various institutions where they will "be cared for and raised for educational purposes."

The farm is run by Bob & Julie Miner, who have built the place from the ground up for 30 years now.  Approximately 200 animals reside on the non-profit farm. 

You can send in a request to see the tiger triplets to the DEW Animal Kingdom & Sanctuary's email address at