This guy LOVES him some Bar Harbor.

I was casually surfing around the web yesterday when I came across a TikTok video that was uploaded to Reddit, that made me break out into a huge grin.

A tourist who is very clearly is from either New York, or New Jersey, paid a visit to Downtown Bar Harbor recently, and he posted a pretty adorable 49-second video of his favorite sights from his stroll. To say that he loved the charm of a small New England town would be an understatement!

He highlights Bees Yarns, Candy & Sweaters. A closeup of Jordan's Restaurant sign elicits a delightful "That's a gorgeous muffin" response. He then notes that (in a thick accent) "Wherever you go, there's always a Whaaaalgreen's" He gushes over Little Village Gifts, the Agamont public park & gazebo, a shirt in a gift shop that reads "Baa Haaba" His one thumbs down is to Sea Kayak Tours, which apparently is not his cup of tea. He falls in love with the "fancy small town clock" right in the heart of Maine street. He falls deeply in love with a corgi dog he spots. Then it's gushing over homemade soaps and a jar of Jordan Pond Strawberry jam.

My favorite part of the video is at the end when upon purchasing an Acadia National Park refrigerator magnet, he says "Got my magnet, nobody taaawk to me" Great stuff.

If anyone that comes from out of state to visit Maine is this delighted by everything, come back anytime, and tell your friends to come to!

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