Here they come...the leaf peepers! They are arriving from all over the world by planes, trains, automobiles, and giant cruise ships!

It's amazing how little people from away know about Maine. Many people don't know that we are even a state!

Many have little clue when it comes to lobsters, moose, tides, weather, Stephen King, George Bush, Moxie, Camp Wood, deer, buoys, winter, and the list goes on and on.

We asked a bunch of you the silliest or craziest things that people from away have asked you about Maine. What you told us shocked us, appalled us, and made us laugh so wicked hard we fell off our barstools.

Take a look at this big list of things people say that make Mainers roll their eyes. We bet you will too when you see them.

Things People Say That Make Mainers Roll Their Eyes

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