The world collectively has been transfixed and saddened by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Nations have been swift in their condemnation and sanctions have been and are being imposed on Russia, Vladimir Putin and other top Russian officials personally.

But what can you and I do besides offer thoughts and prayers?

The Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor has made a statement. When they reopen in April, they will not be serving Russian Vodka!

If you're old enough, you may remember back in 2003, in some places "French" fries were renamed "Freedom" Fries because of France's reluctance to support the US when they were fighting Iraq. "French" toast also became "Freedom" toast in some places.

In no way am I making light of this terrible situation unfolding in Ukraine. The humanitarian crisis is real, and the potential for greater loss of life is real. If you want to make a donation to help support families affected in the Ukraine, you can do so through Catholic Relief Services

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