One of the many tragedies from the COVID pandemic, and there are many, was the loss of so many traditions for students. But thanks to the efforts of Ellsworth parents, students, businesses and the Ellsworth Sports Boosters, not only has one tradition been reborn, but enhanced!

Ellsworth had a great tradition of placing solo cups in the fences at Del Luce Stadium, where the soccer teams play, as well as along the fence leading to the High School, bordering the baseball field. They would spell out encouragement, and were very, very visible!

Thanks to the hard work of students and parents on the evening and into the night of September 15th, the cups have reappeared, and how! Around $1000 was collected and now these signs are up!

Ellsworth Cup Tradition is Reborn

Thanks to the generosity of the community and the efforts of the students and parents the Ellsworth Cup Tradition has been reborn and even enhanced!


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