Not to worry, one of the best spots to have a few cold ones, plans to re-open later this week!

Without a doubt, The Dog & Pony Tavern in Bar Harbor, is a legendary watering hole. I have been there many a time to enjoy a libation or two. I have also known people who have worked there over the years as well. But, if you are planning to drop in this week, you will be waiting a few days.

That damn pesky Covid-19 refuses to go away. Sure, things are much safer out there for everyone, but we are definitely not out of the woods quite yet.

With a targeted date of Thursday, June 23, the Dog & Pony Tavern is hoping to re-open to the public.

Last night, they put out a statement about the situation on their Facebook page

Just to fill everyone in, over the last couple weeks Covid has been very rampant around Bar Harbor. For these weeks we have supplied our employees with tests and have had them test before every shift. Because of this process, we have caught Covid cases in employees who were asymptotic and would otherwise never had known or wouldn’t have known as soon as they did. If you have been at Dog and Pony over the last couple weeks, any working employee that you had contact with tested negative that day. Any employee that tested positive notified us immediately and followed the guidelines in this great link (see below) provided by the CDC that gives an exact quarantine length and masking procedures to follow afterwards. It hasn’t been a cheap task to test everyone, but the method has caught cases as early as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience any of this has caused and we are hoping to reopen on Thursday, allowing plenty of time for any employee who may have had contact with Covid to get a proper test result.

Here is the CDC link

Happy and safe travels to all in the Bar Harbor area, and we will catch ya for a beer at the Dog & Pony, this summer!

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