May 4th-8th is Teacher Appreciation Week. Here, we turn to the professionals at Sumner Memorial High School! Thanks for your professionalism and dedication as you work with the next generation of Tigers!

Photo Sumner Memorial High School

Here are the teachers, staff and faculty working at Sumner Memorial High School.

Jeffrey Abbott  -  Custodian

Martha Ames  -  Special Education Life Skills Teacher

Amanda Anair  - Mathematics Teacher

Lisa Blanchette -  Music Teacher

Julie Burr  -  Science Teacher

Vern Campbell  - Pathways Teacher

Gabby Coniglio -  Educational Technician

Julia Conway  -  Educational Technician

Whytne Crabtree   -  Educational Technician

Stephanie Vikberg   - School Nurse

Corinna Domagala - Guidance Counselor

Debra Dow   -  Educational Technician

Rick Dube -  Athletic Director/Physical Education/Health Teacher

Morgan Forni -  Science Teacher

Becky Follette  - Food Service

Mary Forest -   Educational Technician

Markus Ford -  Gifted and Talented Teacher

Tabatha George  -  Science Teacher

Jackson Green - Assistant Principal

Justin Harding  -  Math Teacher

Thomas Hart  -  Jobs for Maine Graduates Teacher

Heidi Heyden  -  Special Education Teacher

Rebecca Higgins -  Special Education Teacher

Karen Hodgkins  -  Educational Technician

Kitt Rivers  -   Industrial Arts Teacher

John Hunnefeld  - English Language Arts Teacher

Cathy Johnson -  Administrative Assistant

Robert Kennedy -   Social Worker

Jeannine Leblanc-Grant -  Educational Technician

Adam Lord  -  Mathematics Teacher

Rachel Mathewson  - English Language Arts Teacher

Bruce Strout  -  Custodian

Wayne Newnham  -  Maintenance

Lucille Null -  Guidance Department Administrative Assistant

Amy Philio -   Educational Technician

Erin Shanahan - Social Studies Teacher

Ty Thurlow -  Principal

Ines Weaver   - Spanish Teacher

Christine Wells -  Food Service

John Wells   -  Pathways/Industrial Arts Teacher

Amy Wheaton   -  Physical Education & Health Teacher

Gerald Wolford    - Integrated Studies & Intervention Teacher

Victoria Wolford  -  Art Teacher

Joseph Wrobleski  - Social Studies Teacher

Michelle Wyler - Library Media Specialist

Stacie Young  -  English Language Arts Teacher