Out of tragedy, it's hoped that something good will come , with the passage of Taylor's Law.

Members of the T.A.Y.L.O.R. Foundation attended an informative first meeting at the State House with Senator Kimberley Rosen, the primary sponsor of Taylor’s Law, along with Senator Mike Thibodeau and Carl Joy, president of the Maine Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (MEDTSEA).

"Sometimes our children think they are invincible. We have to ensure their safety so no family has to lose their child and no law enforcement officer has to investigate a fatal teen accident. It’s better for us to be inconvenienced for a moment than to have a young life cut too short,” said Christopher Blanchard of the Bangor Police Department and the foundation’s vice president.

The T.A.Y.L.O.R. (Thinking About Your Life On the Road) Foundation, named for the daughter they lost in a tragic accident in 2013, was developed by Corey and Christina Darveau to promote awareness and provide educational opportunities to teens and their parents about the risk and consequences of driving in today’s world.

"I am proud of the Darveau family for being so creative to turn their grief into such a powerful tool to help other teens and their families to hopefully never have to go through what they have gone through with the loss of their daughter, Taylor." Senator Kimberley Rosen said.

In conjunction with the legislative process, the foundation will immediately begin an online public service announcement initiative to educate parents and teens about the current teen driving laws. For more information on Taylor’s Law or the PSA initiative, contact the T.A.Y.L.O.R. Foundation’s Spokesperson Corenna O’Brien at 944-4089.