Happy September 1st! Here are the Sunrise and Sunset Times for Bar Harbor in September, 2022

The first day of Fall is Thursday, September 22nd. The Full Moon in September is on Saturday September 10th. According to tradition, the September Full Moon is known as the Harvest of Full Corn Moon.

We are losing sunlight in September. There are 13 hours and 17 minutes of sunlight on September 1st, but by the end of the month, on Friday, September 30th, there are just 11 hours and 49 minutes.

ThursdaySeptember 15:547:11
FridaySeptember 25:557:09
SaturdaySeptember 35:567:07
SundaySeptember 45:577:05
MondaySeptember 55:597:03
TuesdaySeptember 66:007:02
WednesdaySeptember 76:017:00
ThursdaySeptember 86:026:58
FridaySeptember 96:036:56
SaturdaySeptember 106:046:54
SundaySeptember 116:056:52
MondaySeptember 126:076:50
TuesdaySeptember 136:086:49
WednesdaySeptember 146:096:47
ThursdaySeptember 156:106:45
FridaySeptember 166:116:43
SaturdaySeptember 176:126:41
SundaySeptember 186:146:39
MondaySeptember 196:156:37
TuesdaySeptember 206:166:35
WednesdaySeptember 216:176:34
ThursdaySeptember 226:186:32
FridaySeptember 236:196:30
SaturdaySeptember 246:216:28
SundaySeptember 256:226:26
MondaySeptember 266:236:24
TuesdaySeptember 276:246:22
WednesdaySeptember 286:256:20
Thursday September 296:276:19
FridaySeptember 306:286:17
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