It seems almost impossible that 2021 is half over, and that Thursday, is July 1st. A new month, with lots of opportunities and hope. For visitors coming to the Downeast area please realize that you are here during the busiest time of the year, and that many businesses are facing pressures with staffing, food deliveries etc. Please be kind, be patient and be prepared!

Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Bar Harbor for July 2021.

The full moon is schedule for Friday July 23rd. The "Buck Moon", so named because it is the beginning of when antlers grow on the heads of deer.

The days are slowly getting shorter. We go from 15 hour and 32 minutes of daylight on July 1st to 14 hours and 43 minutes on July 31st. July 31st will be the first time that sunset is at 8 p.m. and July 14th is the first time that sunrise begins at 5 a.m.

ThursdayJuly 14:508;22

FridayJuly 24:518:22
SaturdayJuly 34:528:22
SundayJuly 44:528:21
MondayJuly 54:538:21
TuesdayJuly 64:548:21
WednesdayJuly 74:548:20

ThursdayJuly 84:558:20
FridayJuly 94:568:19

SaturdayJuly 104:578:19
SundayJuly 114:578:18
MondayJuly 124:588:18
TuesdayJuly 134:598:17
WednesdayJuly 145:008:17
ThursdayJuly 155:018:16
FridayJuly 165:028:15
SaturdayJuly 175:038:14
SundayJuly 185:048:14
MondayJuly 195:058:13
TuesdayJuly 205:068:12
WednesdayJuly 215:078:11
ThursdayJuly 225:058:10
FridayJuly 235:098:09
SaturdayJuly 245;108:08
SundayJuly 255:118:07
MondayJuly 265:128:06
TuesdayJuly 275:138:05
WednesdayJuly 285:148:04
ThursdayJuly 295:158:03
FridayJuly 305:168:01
SaturdayJuly 315:178:00

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